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Steph Bolshaw Celebrant

A professionally trained celebrant, providing bespoke, meaningful support to commemorate the most important transitions in your life.

Welcome to my website, I'm Steph a professionally trained Celebrant.  I'm here to help you plan your perfect celebration by offering bespoke support to ensure meaningful celebrations, designed to commemorate the most important transitions in life including weddings, celebrations of life events, funerals, naming ceremonies and vow renewals. I will work with you to create a personal, unique and bespoke ceremony, which can include a variety of traditional and non-traditional elements of your choosing. 


I look forward to meeting you and discussing how I can help you to have a relevant, personal and

memorable celebration.


Weddings and Vow Renewals

Weddings and vow renewals that are bespoke, personal and individually designed.  

I will work with you to plan a wedding ceremony that reflects your individual wishes. This will be unique contains elements with special meaning to you delivering a memorable and unique occasion. Whether you choose a formal white wedding or something less conventional, I will help you design a celebration that achieves your dreams. I will be guided by you and your desires with the added uniqueness of additional options like hand fasting, sand pouring, ring blessings or even more unusual rituals like jumping the broom.

Vow renewals provide a perfect opportunity to celebrate anniversaries and proclaim your ongoing love and commitment to each other. These individually designed ceremonies are created to reflect your personalities and personal wishes. I'm happy to make suggestions and listen to your own ideas.


Funerals and Celebration of Life


Saying goodbye to someone you love in a meaningful and loving way.

When the time comes to say goodbye I will spend time with you to create a unique ceremony which expresses the way you feel, reflects upon the life of your loved one, their personality and beliefs and helps you plan the way you want to say those final words. I will work with you with empathy and  compassion to help you say goodbye in a way that feels respectful, relevant and appropriate. I will listen and advise you of your options and honour your requests. This will help you achieve the ceremony and service you feel is appropriate, be that a formal funeral, cremation or a memorial event planned to celebrate the unique life and personality of your loved one.


Naming Ceremonies

Baby naming ceremonies are the

perfect way to welcome your baby

or child into your family.

Many parents nowadays are either not religious or not churchgoers but still want to commemorate their child. Whatever their age and for whatever reason, be that birth, adoption or the joining of two families whilst formally recognising special people, often called guide parents into their lives. I can support guide parents to prepare their personal promises to your child. I will work with you to design a bespoke ceremony, individually written and specifically designed to meet your wishes. You may like to include special rituals as part of the celebration such as candle lighting or sand pouring, providing a lasting keepsake of the event along with a personal certificate of commemoration.

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